Supermoon: Techrate Audit Passed — Presale On 28th May

It’s been a hell of a ride, in just 7 days we’ve managed to get 8k Twitter followers, 2k instagram followers and 2k Telegram members. This growth has come organically, free from bots, as we wanted to build a strong community before we launch.

On the 28th May we will hold a presale on Unicrypt, if you would like to participate we have a whitelist competition open right now. To enter just go to our website and enter using your email, we will email all the winners on the 27th.

We have taken all the necessary steps to do everything right from the beginning, that’s why we made sure that our Smart contact passed an audit before launching. This ensures there’s no vulnerabilities in the contract that can be exploited, you can see more details on our website.

After finalising our presale we expect to hit 100 Million market cap in a relatively short space of time. This will help us get onto Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko faster, which will supercharge the growth of the token, introducing it to new people coming into crypto.

We’re backed by some big names who have reached out to work with us, they will help promote us to new audiences and establish trust with the community. This will help our marketing efforts tremendously, and put us on track to reaching our goals.

As soon as we launch on pancake swap we plan to start developing products as outlined on our roadmap. If you’re interested in finding out what plan on developing you can read more on our website or in our Whitepaper. The initial plan is to start working on the NFT minting function so that users can mint their own NFT’s using Supermoon tokens, and later we will be implementing this into iOS and Android apps.

Later in Q4 we have some exciting plans on roadmap including sponsoring Astronaut Scholarships into space. There is already organisations that do this and we plan on working with them to support them and further space exploration.

Supermoon is exploring opportunities to purchase a crypto card processing company is Switzerland. This could potentially turn into a Cash App or Revolut like mobile first payments app that would implement crypto payments. More details about this in the future.

If you would like to get involved from the beginning we’re having a presale on the 28th May 2020, you can participate by joining the whitelist competition.

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